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Welcome to Blabba The Hutt!

Blabba The Hutt is the home of Star Wars in Ireland! Born as a podcast, thanks to a really loyal and engaged community it grew into much more! We endeavour to keep you up to date with all the latest form that galaxy far, far away, especially when Ireland is involved!

Each of our content contributors brings a unique flair to the site, Take some time to catch up with our contributors, which we hope you will enjoy!

Our Story:

Blabba the Hutt is Ireland’s only dedicated Star Wars Blog/Podcast in Ireland. Regonised by Disney Ireland. Blabba the Hutt has grown exponentially since its birth in July 2016. Recently presenting a full live show at Star Wars Celebration Europe.

In our short existence Blabba the Hutt has grown a very loyal engaged and active community across Twitter, Facebook YouTube and here on BlabbatheHutt.com, and the loyalty and enthusiasm is 100% the reason that Blabba the Hutt has managed to flourish in such a short time.

Starting off as a one man band, Blabba the Hutt has recruited a dedicated cast of writers and content creators all who donate their time in order to give back to the Star Wars community in Ireland. On a weekly basis, Blabba the Hutt publishes a mixture of articles, Podcasts and YouTube content.

In less than a year Blabba the Hutt worked its way from a zero follower account to presenting a live Panel at the largest Star Wars convention in the World; Star Wars Celebration Europe.

We hope you will join us on our adventure across the stars.


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