40 Years of Star Wars – Live From Dublin Comic Con 2017

About the Show

Listen back to Blabba the Hutt’s hour long special from Dublin Comic Con. Join the team as they discuss 40 years of the greatest fandom in the world.


Jamie Hickey
Gary O’Toole
Michael Pierce

Recorded live on August 12th, from Panel Room 1 at Dublin Comic Con 2017.

Thank you

A huge thank you to everyone who filled the room for Blabba the Hutt’s second year in a row presenting a live show at Dublin Comic Con! We had a scripted planned show, but the crowd enthusiasm took to the plan and threw it in the trash compactor.




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  • Was a great craic lads, can’t wait for next year and thanks for the awesome prize! The next phase was definitely needed and I’m forever glad they brought in more to the series I was raised on. 🙂 Can’t wait for the next film and to hear you lads geek out about it 🙂 just going to watch entire series (yes even Ep. 1) intensely waiting for Ep. 8.
    Stay awesome lads and keep doing what you’re doing!

    • Hi Rose,

      Greetings from Florida!

      Thanks so much for coming i’m glad you had a blast. The panel really was an amazing experience for us and the atmosphere you guys gave us really made the event even more special.

      You wont have to wait long to hear more regards the build up to to VIII as we’re all busy getting ready for the next wave of news and content to be released 😉 Force Friday has been and gone but each of us was on the ground in a different place for it, so theres going to be lots of stuff coming your way soon.

      Thanks for following and listening in.


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