A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party

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Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party

While on vacation in Orlando I decided to take in a full day of Star Wars activities. This year I was delighted that the Galactic Spectacular Fireworks show would be in full swing.  I’ve been unlucky with vacation times in the past so this year I would get to see something special. Before the Fireworks, I was delighted to have secured a place at the Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party.

For those of you unaware of this event, you can find it at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida, Specifically Hollywood Studios which is the location of the soon to be “Star Wars Land”.

The Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party takes place in Star Wars: Launch Bay which is the central hub for all things Star Wars in Hollywood Studios. Check in occurs an hour and a half before the fire works commence and you will be “escorted’ inside by The First Order.img_5752

Upon entering the venue you are greeted by the cast of The First Order with Stormtroopers in Tow. The area is sealed off to those of us lucky enough to be treated as VIPs. The atmosphere is extremely relaxing though rest assured The Stormtroopers see to it that order is maintained.

The Desserts

Now I know this is the reason why the vast majority of you will read this article! But thats cool because it truly was an awesome experience. The First Order cater to the needs of all their guests. On display is a variable cornucopia of cakes, treats and everything else you can think of, Feast your eyes upon the offerings of The First Order, Is it any wonder so many wish to join them? Maybe Kylo Ren has been starved of such treasures, Is that why he’s so angry?

img_5754The First Order Decor

img_5757The First Order Love Their Lemonades

Who would have thought that The First Order Chef’s have such innovation? Jettison Juice and Lunar Lemonade! That’s a space pun for those of you who didn’t get that…

img_5758Isn’t this enough to make you join the ranks of The First Order?

It’s True, All of It!

Now if ever there was a reason to join the ranks of The First Order this was it! Without question, the Warm Bread Pudding had some sort of alien chemical in it as upon first tasting, there were queues ready to sign up. Is it possible it was just so they could indulge in something with every piece of chocolate and ice cream Disney had to offer?

img_5760Remember those meme’s that say “Come to the Dark Side, We have Cupcakes?” They really do!!

Now I know what you are thinking, you are sick and tired of being told to “Join The Dark Side”, “we have cookies and puppies“. but one thing they DO possess is desserts galore. Darth Vader is a Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake. BB8 Cupcake us a very zesty Lemon. Don’t forget the Mini chocolate Death Star or Blue Milk Panna Cotta!

img_5764Cupcakes Galore!

Nothing Will Stand In Their Way

It seems The First Order will stop at nothing in their relentless recruitment. If you still manage to resist temptation,  The First Order will resort to their ultimate weapon, Cupcakes! R2-D2 comes loaded with Vanilla, BB8’s Lemon aroma will be difficult to avoid. How could you turn down The Dark Lord of The Sith? His strength in the Force and his Chocolate Peanut Butter exterior will no doubt be the ultimate test of your resolve. “I’ll Never Join The Darkside” some of you may say.

Finally, Stormtroopers under the command of Captain Phasma “escort you” in tight formation to the VIP viewing area. where you A Chewbacca Stein is gifted to everyone before the moment you’ve all been waiting for, The Galactic Spectacular begins.

It was without question one of the greatest fireworks displays I have ever witnessed. This wonderful experience is yours for $69 plus tax.

Experienced The Galactic Spectacular yourself? Get in touch, Id love to hear from you.

May The Force Be With You.

For Your Viewing Pleasure: The Galactic Spectacular!


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