Episode 27: Kate’s Irish Adventure.

Welcome Motherhutters to Episode 27 of Blabba The Hutt!

Episode 27: Kates Irish Adventure

This will be a very interesting episode of Blabba The Hutt! On Episode 27, Kate and Jamie talk Ireland. Though its not going to be Jamie leading the conversation! In this episode we find all about Ireland, its connection with Star Wars, and the time, that our resident Queen of Droids Kate Dubinko spent here in July.

In this episode you will hear all about Kate’s trip to the hallowed ground that is Skellig Michael, you will hear from the residents of Portmagee, the town where Lucasfilm set up base in order to sail 13km out to sea to shoot The Force Awakens on the most remote part of Ireland possible.

You will also learn how to say ‘May the Force be with You’ in Irish!

Sit back, relax and enjoy Kate’s Irish Adventure!

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