Episode 28: Life Debt, Rebels, Rogue Friday & more!

Welcome to Episode 28 of Blabba The Hutt!

It has been a while since we managed to release an episode(Over a month!), so in this one, we just kick back and have a friendly chat about what is going on in the world of Star Wars!

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Kate has finally finished Life Debt, so we take the opportunity to chat about the second instalment of the Aftermath series.

Star Wars Rebels is back! and there has been a change in Dave Filoni’s involvement, but what does that mean for the series? What does it mean for Filoni? We break down the official Lucasfilm statement regarding Dave Filoni, and cast aspersions on where Dave might be headed, and whether there is more animation story telling in the pipeline!

Sit back relax, and enjoy the ramblings of 2 Star Wars super fans!

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