Episode 33: Phoenix Comic Con & Star Wars Books

Welcome to Blabba the Hutt Episode 33!


In This Episode:

Queen of Droids, Kate Dubinko recounts the incredible weekend at Phoenix Comic Con, which included the apprehension of an armed and dangerous con goer..

Interviews with some of the best Authors in Star Wars Literature

Claudia Grey
Lost Stars, Bloodline, upcoming Young Leia Novel

Alan Dean foster
Star Wars Novelisation, Splinter of the Minds Eye, The Force Awakens Novelisation

Kevin J. Anderson
The illustrated Star Wars Universe (with Ralph McQuarrie), Darksaber, Dark Apprentice

You also have the chance to WIN a copy of catalyst: A Rogue One Story, and a copy of the Rogue One Novelisation!

Sit back and enjoy another jam packed episode of Blabba the Hutt

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