Rogue One: Our Final Thoughts

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The final trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is barely 24 hours old and etched in our memories, watched countless times by fans all around the world.

Personally speaking my excitement for this movie was extremely lacking, NOT ANYMORE! This final trailer was the one that got me, it had absolutely everything we could have hoped for. The trailer is an eclectic mix of hope, fear, disaster, friendship, trust and no doubt deceit.

The highlight of this trailer was without doubt the amazing soundtrack which I feel will be incredibly special. We laid eyes upon multiple worlds, from the mesmerising aquatic landscape of Scarif to the dark impending doom hovering over Jedha. One thing remains abundantly clear, there is much more to this story than meets the eye. How much more remains to be seen….

Final Thoughts From Team Blabba

His Excellency Mr Jamie Hickey

This trailer is Blissfully tragic. From the music to the dialogue, the feeling of impending doom for our rebels is paired heroically with their willingness to die for this cause. We are all aware that we do not see any of these characters in A New Hope, therefore the question is, what fate is in store for these Martyrs?

I’m very interested in the Vader/Krennic/Galen triangle, there looks to be history there.

I’m am very excited about this film, and feel it has the potential to jump right into the top Star Wars films, which would be great success for the first non saga Star Wars film.

Our Queen of Droids Kate

With bleary eyes I woke up to the excitement that is a new Star Wars trailer. It’s no surprise that initially I was captivated, amazed and left anxiously awaiting the next 63 days. I feel this trailer was the best of all the Rogue One trailers we received and has given me hope that the movie will deliver in ways us fans can’t even fully comprehend at the moment.

Our Games Master Chris

The trailer has me more excited than the previous. Last time, they expressed scale and laid out their visual plan, a hotchpotch of eye candy, a splash of characters, the familiar musical scores. Now we see a glimpse into some actual character. Galen, Gyn’s father, has me convinced that there’s great potential around the depth to our new faces with his fear of their future. Krennic is appearing more ruthless and manipulative.

On the flip side, I still have my reservations with Gyn. She’ doesn’t seem to be trusted by the rebellion and isn’t convinced herself that her father built the Death Star. But we know she’ll end up motivating a small team on a suicide mission. So what will her motivations be? I’m left wondering still, which way will this movie go. That cheesy ending, or the bitter sweet that this deserves.

Our Master of The EU Rod

Massive revelation that Jyn’s father is the Death Star’s designer
This is the main reason that she was chosen by the Rebellion for this mission
It also looks like she becomes the main voice of hope for the Rebellion too.
“You are rebels, aren’t you” 

Very excited now given the new aspect to the film, its feeling much more star wars-y with tons of new content.

Our Host of Carkoon Collectibles Matthew

I think it’s a wonderous combination of hope and despair it’s unnervingly beautiful and looks to be wonderfully well constructed.

Our Final Thought

The excitement for Rogue One really and truly has hit fever pitch. It’s safe to say that the folks over at Lucasfilm have hit the nail on the head. The trailer was a rousing success which points to the film being a rousing success as we all hope it will.

The Star Wars Fandom began this journey with equal amounts of trepidation and intrigue, it now appears our journey is one full of hope. After all, All is as the force wills it

BUT…. The Shadow of the Death Star looms, and sealed within it…..


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