SideShow: R2-Me2 – A Bittersweet Review.

R2me2productfeatureIt’s no secret that I like droids. Two popular nicknames of mine – BBK8 and Queen of Droids are obvious homages to my love of droids. And it all started with R2. From the start of my Star Wars obsession I knew how integral R2 was to the story and the important role hey played. I connected deeply with this feisty little droid and to this day can barely resist any R2 merchandise.
When I got an email a couple of weeks ago from Sideshow for the exhibition catalog called R2-Me2 which showcases numerous reimaginings of our favourite little astromech I got excited. I ordered it without delay and eagerly waited for it.
Then, over the next weekend,  while I waited, I got the devastating new of Kenny Baker’s passing. It was heartbreaking to realize the man who brought r2 to life was no longer with us. Also adding to the sadness was the fact that I never got to meet him. Kenny was an incredible icon to the Star Wars universe and I would have loved a chance to meet him and hear some of his first hand accounts of what it was like on the set. But, even though he’s gone, his incredible legacy is clearly evident.
When I received my book in the mail I couldn’t help but smile. Although it was bittersweet, this book exemplifies the inspiration that r2-d2 has had on so many of us and is a fitting tribute for Kenny. R2-Me2 is a gorgeous picture book with 90 artists’ take on R2.  Each of them was given a deluxe R2-D2 sixth scale and the objective to use their creativity to make into whatever they could imagine. The detail is incredible and the creativity is astounding.
 image image image
I particularly like some the pop culture based ones such as Groo2-D2 (Groot), Castawobot (Wilson from Castaway), R2 Infinity and Beyond (Buzz Lightyear) Waldo D2 (Where’s Waldo) and R2-DWho (A Dalek from Doctor Who). Of course there are many other amazing entries and you can see them all at this gallery! Although you can see the entire gallery online, the book is a nice, compact way to enjoy them and makes for an excellent conversation starter if you put it out on display!
It’s never easy to lose a hero. But thanks to an awesome Star Wars community Kenny’s legacy will never be forgotten. Kenny’s hard work, kindness and humor will be seen every time we look at our beloved little droid.
Purchase R2-Me2 from Sideshow here.

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