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The wonderful thing that strikes you about the audiobook of Rogue One is the music! Yes, the music! After viewing Rogue One several times at this point I’m still digesting Giachinno’s wonderful score. I loved what he did with it and with such limited time too. But it’s always lovely to hear Williams score embellish any Star Wars story.

The novelisation is written by Alexander freed, an apt choice as many reviews of the motion picture saying that fans of Star Wars videogames “will love it” and Freed’s Battlefront book last year penned in conjunction with the game of the same title met with very good reviews. Personally I loved it too. It’s performed expertly by Jonathan Davis (as usual)

The dychotomy of reviewing an audiobook is that it’s impossible to separate the production value and the actual storytelling cleanly and neatly. So, I’m just going to express my opinion.

Freed’s writing succeeds in creating those wonderful internal monologues of each character that film can never quite capture. We hear a lot more of the internal conflict that Jyn has toward her Father, Galen Erso as well as the resentment harboured for Saw Gerrera! The inner machinations of Tarkin (my favourite character) and the pure and insatiable ambition of Orson Krennic. The book offers a more expansive and detailed narrative that no movie could ever achieve.

The book also has wonderful interludes expanding on Jedha and the Journal of the Whills which this particular Star Wars fan loved. It is so wonderful to hear aspects of the original Lucas script being integrated much like designs once drawn by MC Quarrie being used in Rebels etc. It’s always a pleasure to hear a piece of dialogue in the book that you can only imagine the character saying in the movie.

Rogue One by Alexander freed is a wonderful way to sate those urges to go back to this galaxy we know so well and relive it. We get an opportunity to spend more time with these gorgeous characters we met so briefly in the cinema. Rogue one surprised me in this audiobook as much as it did in the theatre as being a massively rich addition to the Star Wars universe. I would highly recommend reading it and Catalyst together for a truly rich experience.

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