Episode 31: Rogue One Discussion

Welcome along to Blabba the Hutt Episode 31!

We are very excited to finally get the chance to have a full spoiler filled discussion of Rogue One!

Rogue introduced us to a whole cast of new characters, planets, Aliens, vehicles, and more, it also re-introduced us to many of those we have grown to love over the last 40 years! For the most part Jamie and Kate loved Rogue One, and were very happy with Disney’s first step outside the Skywalker saga. But was it everything we wanted and more? Yes! But was it the perfect Star Wars Story? Is it the best Star Wars film? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Covered in this Episode

Rogue One discussed from the perspective of:

  • Characters
  • Ships
  • Story & Pace
  • Music
  • Connection to the wider Star Wars Universe
  • Easter Eggs in Rogue One
  • Rogue One vs The Force Awakens
  • Overall impression and

So sit back and listen as Jamie and Kate discuss the first of many Rogue One discussions.

We recorded this a little before Christmas, but unfortunately we got delayed in releasing this episode!

Did you enjoy Rogue One? Be sure to let us know your opinions in the comments or over on Twitter

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