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Please help me welcome 'Carkoon Collectibles' to the Blabba The Hutt family!

Setting out on a journey in July 2015 never did I think I would be launching a SECOND Blabba The Hutt show. Carkoon Collectibles aims to satisfy all your collectible needs! Out of the box, you will meet Matt O’Brien, and he is going to bring you through his own personal collection, piece by piece, as well as unboxing new toys, games and more! I’m going to Shut up now, and hand you over to the man of the hour. Matt O’Brien

Hello Star Wars collectors!

Welcome to Carkoon Collectibles.  My name is Matthew O’Brien, a lifelong Star Wars fan & collector. I’ve decided to document some of my prized pieces in an effort to help you choose which pieces you would like to invest in yourself. That or you just like unboxing videos too. Whatever floats your boat.

A bit about myself. I am an actor and filmmaker from Ireland working closely with the lovely people over at Blabba the Hutt Podcast (which I highly recommend you follow) Irelands premiere Star Wars podcast. This past year and coming years are massive for Ireland in terms of it place in Star Wars history, from Skellig Michael being transformed to Ahch-to, – the home of the FECKIN FIRST JEDI TEMPLE!!! Ahem sorry, lost track of myself there. – to the wonderful Domhnall Gleeson as General Hux! Blabba the Hutt and Carkoon Collectibles will be first to give to you updates and videos to keep you in the loop on all things Star Wars, and all things Star Wars in Ireland. I am also an avid cosplayer also, I have a screen accurate Boba Fett Costume and a Stormtrooper also.

Matt in his Boba Fett cosplay, with Boba Fett himself - Jeremy Bulloch
Matt in his Boba Fett cosplay, with Boba Fett himself – Jeremy Bulloch

The plan is to do an intro video soon giving you a better idea of just how mental I am – any questions please send the in to @BlabbaTheHutt – but until then this brief little blurb will have to suffice. Please subscribe to the YouTube Channel, and comment with any thoughts, ideas and feedback which will help to make ‘Carkoon Collectibles’ as good as it can be!

May the force be with you.


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