Episode 20: Dark Side of.. Thats no mooon

Catch up with Jamie and Kate in Episode 20 of Blabba the Hutt

Welcome to Blabba the Hutt episode 20!


Jamie and Kate had just finished recording Episode 19 when Disney and Lucas film decided to drop the Rogue One trailer.. so we have quite a lot to get through in this Episode! Some of the highlights you can look forward to on Episode 20 is a very tired and slightly hungover Jamie, who was just home from a stag party(Batchelor’s Party for our US friends!) Jamie’s tiredness was paralleled by Kate’s excitement following a trip to see ‘Born Jovi’, where she was guestlisted for the Show by Princess Leia(in Rebels) herself Julie Dolan!

We have a chat about The Force Awakens, Pink Floyd, BB8 watches The Force Awakens with you, Julie Dolan, Rogue One, Celebration and a whole lot more!

In this show:

  • Dark Side of the .. Thats no Moon… Kate watches The Force Awakens along with Pink Flyods Iconic album as a Backdrop.
  • #TFADay! We chat and give our new thoughts about the Blu-Ray release of The Force Awakens
  • Star Wars Episode VIII Irish news review
  • Rogue One Trailer chat
  • Star Wars Comics review – C3Po one shot, and Poe Dameron #1

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