Blabba The Hutt Episode 29: Star Wars Con Season

One of our favourite things to do here at Blabba the Hutt is to cover cons! And with all the con coverage we’ve done this year the interviews really started to amass. In this Kate Solo episode you’ll hear our favourite interviews with amazing Star Wars folks from cons we’ve attended over the past few months.

In this episode we’ll journey back to Star Wars Celebration, Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest and Tucson Comic Con.

Guests on this episode include:

John Tyler Christopher- Comic book artist ‘Kenner Toy’ Star Wars variants

Arti Shah (the mo-cap double for Maz Kanata!)

Rod Gilles – Author of Lego Star Wars: Build your own adventure

Adam Bray & Cole Horton – Author of Star Wars: Absolutely Everything you need to know

Jason Fry – Star Wars Cross Section, Weapon of a Jedi

Kemp Remillard – Artists Star Wars Cross Sections


as well as a few random Star Wars fans.

We hope you enjoy this action packed, fun filled episode of Blabba the Hutt!

Be sure to check out for more Star Wars fun!

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