Star Wars Episode VIII | Mellenium Falcon Set photos

A great pick up by The Daily mail late last night got us our first look at the most iconic ship in the galaxy. Below we see the latest set photos from Pinewood Studios.

We know that the recreation of Ahch-To was underway at Pinewood Studios, but this is the first great look we have got on how the Star Wars crew are reproducing the rugged Irish landscape, and it looks like it will sit perfectly with the rest of the locations booked for the Irish shoot.

Set Photos

33AFAB0700000578-3567340-image-a-11_1462036604151 33AFAC0900000578-3567340-image-a-36_1462037491866 The Millennium Falcon itself looks the exact same as we saw her at the end of Star Wars The Force Awakens. It is still on the landing platform, so either Chewie is still hanging about, or he has returned to collect Rey – and Hopefully Luke – to bring them back to fight the fight vs the first Order.. Does Rey finish her training.. or choose to save her friends? This is all starting to feel very Empire Strikes Back.. 33AFB5C700000578-3567340-image-a-32_1462037148079

We can see in this photo above that there are actually two sets in play here. The first is the Millennium Falcon landing platform, which also include an absolutely stellar looking recreation of the ‘Jedi Steps’.  Up above the platform is a creepy looking tree – we’ll get to that in a second – but above the the tree we have what looks like the entrance to a building. I don’t think these two sets are connected, I believe they will show separate locations in Episode VIII.


Now onto the Dagobah-esque looking Tree on set, might just be there for background aesthetics, but probably not. We have seen an increase in importance of objects that can hold and emanate the Force, such as the two Force trees that we saw in ‘Shattered Empire’.Its likely this tree will become a focal point in the landscape. As we said… It is all starting to feel very very Empire Strikes Back, and who is going to complain about that?

All in all we are giddy as goats to see some really great set photos!


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