Rogue One: Details Emerge From The Shadows

The emergence of the Rogue One Trailer some months back brought with it an air of optimism and excitement. Finally the story of the “Many Bothans who died to bring us this information” will be revealed for all to see.


In recent months there have been numerous rumours regarding unfinished scripts, re-shoots, and even whispers of a new director and second film crew brought onboard to speed up the process. Now as we’re all aware, re-shoots are nothing out of the ordinary, but the supposed 50% of the film been re-shot would surely mean a delay in the release date which has not been the case.

I would always point out that whispers such as this be taken with a  pinch of salt, Disney and LucasFilm are two of the biggest and best in the world at what they do! They are masters of their craft. If there are in fact re-shoots taking place I view it as a positive, every inch of footage is being scrutinised and examined with a fine tooth comb to make it the best it possibly can be. It’s in good hands people!


Now for the good stuff! Rumours are one thing, but concrete facts and evidence are another beast altogether. Today Entertainment Weekly has revealed Rogue One to be its latest cover story in which it promises to give us all sorts of details about the upcoming standalone movie.

So as of today, what has been revealed to us?

Vader Returns

(Cue Heavy Breathing and Rapturous Applause), Confirmation that after months of speculation, Darth Vader will be returning to the big screen! The tidbits of information and speculation gathered throughout the last few months culminates in the assumption that his role, is in-fact a massive part of the movie.

Old Friends, New Foes

The villainous Imperial played by the incomparable Ben Mendehlson is described as both “eager to earn the favor of the Emperor” and “avoid the wrath of his black-masked enforcer.”

As was let slip by Mads Mikkelsen some months back, his character is the father of Jyn Erso who appears to be our main protagonist. Not much is known about this mysterious individual but what is known is that he’s a scientist whose work has drawn admirers from both sides of the battlefield. The battle between the Empire and the Alliance takes place on many fronts after all.

Is Jyn Erso Rogue One? If not, then who, or what is?

The Magazine Cover

Isn’t it a sight to behold? The cover reveals some extremely intriguing images. Firstly we see the new TIE Fighter in all its glory. We know this to be the TIE Striker of which details were leaked and were a topic of hot conversation. Take a look here for one of the best comparisons I’ve seen from the guys over at Jalopnik. In this image we see what is possibly our best glimpse at the droid portrayed by Alan Turdyk. The Droid is rumoured to be an ex Imperial Droid which has been seized by the Alliance.

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