LIVE BLOG: BB-K8 Heads to Celebration Europe!


Hey everyone! Welcome to my live-blog chronicling my adventures at and on the way to Star Wars Celebration Europe. There are a lot of things I’m excited for on this trip, most of them Star Wars related. Of course there’s SWCE itself, there’s the awesome #Cantina the night before, there’s my rogue adventure in Ireland going to explore Skellig Michael and of course there’s meeting Jamie and the rest of the Blabba crew for the first time in person!

Much adventure and excitement are sure to ensue so keep it tuned to Blabba for the latest BB-K8 updates as I take on Europe!

Monday, July 11 11:00 pM / Portmagee, Ireland / The MooringsSo

Wow! This was one crazy, roller coaster of day! So after receiving the crushing news that my tour to land on Skellig Michal was cancelled I headed off across the bridge to Valentia Island to at least get a better view of the Skelligs. I walked few miles, found a rock to sit on that had a good view of the Skelligs and just sat for while and pondered.

Next I headed to the Skellig Experience, a cool museum all about the Skelligs. It was very interesting the learn about the hardships of the monks who settled there thousands of years ago. I learned that there were some boats going out to do the Cruise only so I jumped right on that.

So we headed out to sea. The waves were choppy for sure and at first it was like a fun amusement park ride. We saw dolphins and puffins frolicking in the waves and it was all awesome until I started getting sea sick. It didn’t get really bad until the return trip so at least I got to take in the views of the islands. Simply stunning is the only way the describe it.

The way back was not fun. The only relief I could get from feeling sick was closing my eyes and laying my head on my lap. When I got back on land I almost immediately felt better. I warmed myself up with some soup and checked my messages and found out that my original tour was actually going out but I was already on the other boat! But the good news was that I got booked for a landing tour in the morning!! Woo!! I am a bit concerned for another boat ride, but it’ll be two shorter trips so I’m hoping that helps! I ended the night appropriately with a viewing of TFA. 🙂

Monday, July 11 10:47 PM / Portmagee, Ireland / The Moorings

So yesterday I headed out from Dublin on an epic adventure. Equipped with GPS and the sweet looking Ford Focus I rented I eventually navigated my way to Portmagee all while driving on the wrong side of the road! The drive was breathtakingly gorgeous with the lush green landscape Ireland is so famous for.

I checked into the Moorings and felt right at home. Even though it was cold, windy and rainy outside, inside the atmosphere was warm and inviting. I got to chat the Gerard, the owner of a the Moorings, in a room where the preproduction of Star Wars: The Force Awakens happened! Then I headed over the the site of the bar where Mark Hamill pulled his pint of Guiness! It was Sunday music night and the people playing were same ones who entertained the cast and crew on the wrap night party! I also got to chat with Vincent, a guy who’s lived in area his whole life. Very cool to get the perspective of the locals on how Star Wars has changed things.

When I woke up this morning I wasn’t sure if the boat tour to Skellig would be going as the night before as the locals were seeming very uncertain about it. I had prepared myself for the worst, but when I heard the news it was actually cancelled I was still crushed. I’ve come so far and in the end i’m at the mercy of fickle sea. Not exactly sure what all I’ll be doing today, possible at least some sort of boat tour. If not, there’s plenty else to explore in these parts. Stay tuned for updates…

Saturday, July 9 7:35 PM / Dublin, Ireland / Airbnb location

After I finally landed in Dublin, The Illustrious Blabba and Lady Blabba collected me from the airport and took me to breakfast. This marked the first time Jamie and me were in the same time zone!

Then after I settled in at my Airbnb we had our first #TeamBlabba meet-up with Gary, Matthew, Chris, Jamie and myself. In addition to discussing pertinent Blabba information we ate, drank and explored some of the more nerdy sites of Dublin like Forbidden Planet comics and their small press day event and the Disney Store!

So after 2 days of very little sleep and jet lag I’m ready to turn in early, but tomorrow is the start of another incredible adventure — Skellig Michael!!


Friday, July 8, 2016 4:20 PM / Toronto, Cananda / Pearson Itnl Airport


After a hectic customs process in Toronto and a walk to what seemed like the farthest gate possible I made it to my gate for Dublin. Not really too much else to update at this point…


Friday, July 8, 2016 5:36 AM / Phoenix, AZ USA / Sky Harbor Airport

After a *very* early morning and very little sleep I successfully made it to my gate! In a little over an hour I’ll be on my way to Dublin via Toronto! I’m obviously very excited but even while I sit at the airport it still all feels kind of unreal! I wonder I what point it’s going to hit me that this is actually happening! Lol

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