SPECIAL: Smart Queuing at Star Wars Celebration Europe

What panel? What Queue? Whats a chute? Am I in the right chute? The queueing system planned for Star Wars Celebration Europe has a lot of people confused and angry… So we decided to break it all down for you..

Queuing at Star Wars Celebration Europe | Show Overview

The queueing system at Celebration Europe is a hot topic this week. We decided to sit down and have a think about what exactly the Celebration team want us to do…

We to help you digest the hazy information released this week by Star Wars Celebration Europe in order to give yourself the best chance of getting to the the important panels you want to go to. We also explore the the options available to you if you don’t get a wristband.

Outside of the individual panels we also let you know how to obtain the  Star Wars Celebration Europe Exclusives Black Series Kylo Ren. Where to queue to make sure you get a ticket so you can nab one!

We also talk about Blabba Live! our very first panel and Live show, happening on July 15th on the One Force Stage! One panel you won’t have to queue for!

We’re really excited to see you all at celebration, so make sure you come and say hello! We would also love to know what your plan is for the weekend, get it touch with us on Twitter!

Have a great time at Celebration!

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