David Collins: Confirmed for Star Wars Celebration London

David Collins, best known as PROXY from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed games is the first confirmed for Celebration London

Celebration veteran David Collins will bring his in-depth Star Wars knowledge and experience to hosting duties in London this July.



As a voice actor, sound designer, composer and life-long Star Wars fan, Collins has brought his enthusiasm and behind-the-scenes insight to Star Wars Celebration for almost a decade. Besides being the longest-running stage host in Celebration’s history, David is also a Star Wars veteran of dozens of projects over the last 16 years. Fans know him as PROXY from the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed series, Han Solo from Kyle Newman’s Smuggler’s Gambit radio series, and have heard his voice and sound work in multiple video games, including recent titles like Star Wars: Battlefront (EA DICE), Star Wars: Uprising (Kabam, Inc), and Star Wars: Commander (Disney). A 12-year veteran of LucasArts, David worked on classics such as Star Wars: Republic Commando, the Lego Star Wars series, Star Wars: The Old Republic and many, many more.  In 2011, David was nominated for a Writer’s Guild Award for his work on The Force Unleashed series

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