Grand Admiral Thrawn: What to Expect?

Grand Admiral Thrawn

To oout delight , it was confirmed at Star wars Celebration Europe and subsequently via the the release of the Star Wars Rebels Season 3 trailer that the revered Grand Admiral Thrawn will return to canon. This news has been eagerly awaited by any fan who read the Legends novels ‘The Thrawn Trilogy’. For anyone looking to get a back story – though technically not canon anymore – This triology of books is the best place to start.


Also a novel has been announced and to be released, so it looks as if the Grand Admiral is here for a while, and may play a vital part in the new canonical timeline.

To defeat an enemy, you must know them, not simply their battle tactics but their history, their philosophy & art –Thrawn (Rebels Season 3 Trailer)

What do we know about Thrawn (new canon):

He is already a Grand Admiral

Grand Admiral Thrawn

As you can see from his uniform, (probably recently promoted), contrary to the fact that the Empire favoured humans and looked down on alien species. In Legends, his title of Grand Admiral was bestowed in secret around 2 ABY after the destruction of the first death star and then sent to the unknown regions

He has a keen interest in the culture of his enemies

artThrawn studies the art, history and philosophy of the enemies that he is looking to defeat to know how to fight them, this lines up with the Legends novels

His species is ‘Chiss’

grand-admiral-thrawn-is-coming-to-star-wars-rebels-socialHe is of the Chiss species. The Chiss were a tall, blue-skinned Near-Human civilization from the planet Csilla in the Unknown Regions (Legends). The Chiss were already introduced and are part of the Canon timeline having been represented in the game Star Wars: Commander in the sixth campaign ‘Secret Alliances’.

Knowing all this begs the question: what sort of detail will they reveal about this character both in the novel and season 3? Will they be doing an origins background? Most definitely, they will be detailing Thrawn’s rise to power and how & where he learned his battle tactics and strategies.

If so, how much of the Legends material will be used because as any Thrawn fan will know, that could lead to a side story relating to Outbound Flight’ and how the Emperor discovered Thrawn.

Could the Yuuzhan Vong be introduced? The Chiss were aware of them and therefore verifying Palpatine’s prediction of the war against them and his reason for building up the military?

Given that Thawn will be introduced before the First Death Star has been unleashed, could we see in introduction of the Noghri? These were a race of humanoid beings that served the Empire as highly skilled assassins and bodyguards. They served under the guise that the Empire said that they would help rid their home world, Honoghr, of the destruction caused by a clone war era battle.

These are only a few of my thoughts on where the new Star Wars canon can take Thrawn, I hope most of the above will come to fruition, and they can do as early as the upcoming Season 3 of Star Wars: Rebels and in Timothy Zahn’s hotly anticipated ‘Thrawn’.

I would love to know your thoughts, Now that we have Thrawn in the Galazy again, what would you like to see?


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