5 Star Wars Attractions not to be missed at Dublin Comic Con

Dublin Comic Con takes place on August 12 & 13th and boasts and incredible line up of guests, panels and attractions. Every year the team at Dublin Comic Con knock it out of the park with the show. It has very quickly gone from small fan con, to Dublin’s stalwart fandom convention (still run by fans, for fans). With such a robust line up of guests and panels, it is sometimes hard to set an agenda and decide exactly what to do, see & who to meet.

This year has so much to offer across a wide range of fandom, but if it’s a Star Wars experience you are looking for, we’ve picked out 5 things you can’t miss this August.


One thing to be sure of is, you are going to have ample opportunity to meet and greet some of the galaxy’s heroes,  villains & scoundrels. The cosplay at Dublin Comic Con is always top class. With Star Wars back in Vogue, you can be sure to bump into a couple Kylo Ren’s, a few Jedi, and we have even managed to meet a Shaak Ti.

Cosplay is going to be great at Dublin Comic Con, but just remember, these people are con goers also, and we are all there for the one reason. Fun. So be respectful, make sure to ask for consent to get a photograph, and above all, unless they allow you to touch the costume, don’t! some of these garbs cost north of €1,000 and have been in construction for months.


Dublin City Comics at Dublin Comic Con
Dublin City Comics at Dublin Comic Con

All of Dublin’s big Comic Stores will be at Dublin Comic con. And they will be bringinh Star Wars swag by the bantha load. In particular, you will get some great Star Wars merch from Forbidden Planet, who are always stacked with the latest statues, figures and Funko Pops  (Including some of the highly sought after Galactic convention exclusives). We also have the folks at Dublin City Collectibles for those of you looking to pick something niche up. These guys are the kings of collectible’s in Dublin. You will find thousands of loose figures from Star Wars lines of the past. Be prepared to spend time at the booth though, because when you’re not diving in boxes of figures or comics, you’ll be spending hours talking nerd with Jason and Co!

Chris Ryall

One of your only opportunities to talk to a professional directly connected to the Star Wars universe. Chris Ryall is the Chief Creative Officer and Editor-in-Chief of IDW Publishing, Overseeing IDW Publishing’s comic-book and graphic-novel publishing.

In June Ryall confirmed ‘Star Wars Adventures’ an ongoing anthology comic book series will be published through IDW. The comic series is due to launch at SDCC on July 20th, and are aimed at beginner readers.  The first storylines announced follow Rey’s adventures on Jakku prior to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and her unusual relationship with Unkar Plutt.

Panels with Chris Ryall:

Saturday 12th August
1pm – Portfolio Review w/ Chris Ryall – Panel Room 1
3pm – Half Past Danger 2 – Panel Room 1 -S.Mooney T.Farrell C.Ryall – Hosted by John Hendrick

Saturday 12th August
2pm – Breaking into Comics – Panel Room 2

Emerald Garrison

Emerald Garrison at Invasion
Emerald Garrison at Invasion

We are extremely excited for Dublin Comic Con because it allows us to reconnect with our friends in the Emerald Garrison. The Star Wars costuming club will be out in force at Dublin Comic Con that working tirelessly to help amazing charities.

Characters on the day are kept tight under lock and key, but I would be confident you will have the opportunity to snapped with Stormtroopers, learn the force with the Garrison’s top Jedi, get your photo with a Chewie, and who knows.. the Dark Lord himself may even make an appearance.

If you meet them, make sure to pop a donation into their collection boxes, all the work they do is free of charge and any money they receive goes directly to amazing Charities in Ireland.

Blabba The Hutt Live

Blabba The Hutt Live at Dublin Comic Con 2016

We hear this is going to be a great panel. Possibly the only time this weekend you will get to sit entirely amongst Star Wars fans and pay homage to everything George Lucas has created. We will be spending an hour on Saturday 12th of August celebrating 40 Years of the greatest franchise on earth. We will recount a little bit of the history of Star Wars, as well as personal stories on where the fandom has taken us. We will pay homage to the late great Carrie Fisher, Kenny Baker.

More than anything, this panel is a celebration, so together we will celebrate! We have loads of goodies to give away on the day, including 5 copies of the 40th Anniversary edition of Star Wars A New Hope thanks to Star Wars Books UK.

This panel will also be recorded for a very special LIVE a Blabba the Hutt.

No matter what you do at Dublin Comic Con you are going to have an incredible time, the show is a date cemented in every Irish nerds calendar. You will sit amongst friends and strangers alike, knowing one thing, you’re all here for the same reason.

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