Hanging With The Emerald Garrison

Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Princess Leia, a Scout Trooper and two Jedi walk into a comic book store. What sounds like the opening of a cheesy dad joke, is actually how I spent last Saturday afternoon. I had the pleasure of tagging along on a Recruitment Day for The Emerald Garrison.

The Emerald Garrison

The “EG” are one of Ireland’s premier costuming clubs known for their Movie accurate Star Wars Costumes. Established in 2007 and celebrating their 10 year Anniversary this year, The Emerald Garrison raise much needed funds for numerous charities through their “troops” across The Republic Of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Membership stands at roughly 200 active members and climbing with new costumes being added all the time.

The EG are partnered with the wonderful Childhood Cancer Foundation while also supporting such charities as Children In Need, The DSPCA and one thats particularly close to my heart, The Irish Cancer Society.


Throughout the year, The EG take part in numerous Troops right across the country. They can be seen at such events as “Invasion” which is held right across Ireland and Northern Ireland.

I had the pleasure of joining the EG on a very special Troop. Our good friends over at Dublin City Comics were the hosts of the event. If you haven’t been to this collectors paradise I would advise you to head on over and have a look. The folks really know their stuff and you’ll find everything from Comics and Graphic Novels to all kinds of Generation 1 Toys. As I like to tell everyone, it’s a shop run by fans for fans.

Though primarily known for their Star Wars Costumes, The EG also contains the Heroes and Legends, this division specialises in costumes encompassing Sci-Fi, Movies and Comic Books. Here you can find everyone from Dr Who to The Caped Crusader.

One of these things is not like the other* (We believe an imposter infiltrated the troop)

As you can see, an absolute treasure trove!

Recruitment Day

As stated above this Troop was something special. This was a Recruitment Day where an appearance is not scheduled and members just turn up. It’s an opportunity for members of the public who may be interested in costuming or just getting involved to come and have a chat and learn more about the amazing work the EG do.

I was there to tag along and take some photos whilst also giving anyone in kit (costume) a hand getting in and out of it. The members who were Trooping on the day were:

Justin Lee Morrison: Jedi Master

Christine Bass: Jedi Master

Marina Ansaldo: Princess Leia

David Brazil: Darth Maul

Christy Healy: Scout Trooper

Tomasz Gomulka: Darth Vader

Also crewing on the day were Daniel Hanks and Shane Hughes. I should state that members out of kit are just as important as they play a vital role, they act as minders in a way. On this Troop we were able to move from one venue to another which meant walking across roads and junctions. When you have a heavy bucket (helmet) on with little to no visibility its nice to know someone is there to guide you and keep you safe.

Change of Scenery

Though the Troop was set at Dublin Comic Con, we received word that we were more than welcome to head down to Cineworld. As this was an unscheduled Troop, our short walk down generated plenty of interest and waves from every corner of the street.

As the day moved on he crowds gathered with excitement, both parents and kiddies alike were ready and waiting to meet their heroes. When you think of a cheshire cat smile, it pales in comparison to the smiles worn by those waiting to walk up and have their moment to remember. It was also wonderful to see plenty of interest in joining, Shane and Dan were always on hand to answer questions from the adoring public.

When all was said and done we made our journey back to HQ at Dublin City Comics. Tired and weary from a long Troop in kit on a very mild and clammy Dublin day, our Troops took on some much needed fluids and took some downtime.

Our day had come to an end. Before everyone headed for home, I had the pleasure of chatting to EG Veteran Justin Lee Morrison, and making his Blabba Debut, Christy Healy.

Upcoming Events

The EG are always out and about, and this summer is no different! Check out the image below to check out where you can find them next:

For more information on The Emerald Garrison or to contact them, head on over to their website which you can find here.

My Thanks

I would like to say a massive thank you to The Emerald Garrison for having me, It was an absolute honour and a privilege to take part in the recruitment day and experience first hand the amazing hard work, dedication and love for what you do.

A massive thanks also to my good friends at Dublin City Comics for being such glorious hosts.

Some People don’t believe in Heroes, But they haven’t met the Emerald Garrison.

Long live The Outlaws, Long Live The Brotherhood!


Recruitment Day Gallery

Check out some of the images from the wonderful recruitment day in the Gallery Below:

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