Star Wars Episode VIII: More Set photos Emerge

Dia duit mo chairde (Hello my friends) for those of you who don’t speak “As Gaeilge”. As reported earlier, work on the Episode VIII set sitting atop Ceann Sibéal was underway with the recreation of the “Bee-hive” huts as they have become popularly known. The original huts were of course found on Skellig Michael, better known to us as “Ahch-To” which is believed to be the first Jedi Temple. This icon landscape was revealed to us in all its majestic beauty when we find Rey climbing the stone steps in search of Luke Skywalker.

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The structure appears to be nearing completion with 8 huts built atop a base of raised scaffolding with a central set of steps providing access access. The set is a replica of Skellig Michael which is of course a UNESCO World Heritage site and to find out what that means, check out our previous article regarding that. Work on the set began roughly 6 weeks ago and from information gathered across various sources, it was completed in multiple stages.

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As reported previously, this area is one of many selected for filming in Episode VIII along the West of Ireland. Our friends over at previously revealed the stipulations and conditions that Lucas Film must adhere to regards conservation. You can check out some of the terms and conditions here.

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Big thanks you to the Irish Independent for the pictures. And if you cant get enough of Episode VIII news, check out Jamie’s article regarding the Millennium Falcon/ Ahch-To set at Pinewood Studies.

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Get in touch and share your thoughts with us. How excited are you about Ireland being such an integral part of the Star Wars, Disney and Lucas Film Trifecta?

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