Malin head is ready to embrace the Force!

We’ve see the rumours surface online over the last few weeks, but now it looks like Malin Head, Irelands most northerly point is ready to reprise the role of Ahch-To for Star Wars Episode VIII.

The photo and rumour that has brought much excitement to Irish shores is this:

Photo uploaded by Twitter user @WatchAllIrish
Photo uploaded by Twitter user @WatchAllIrish

The rumours suggest that the Millennium Falcon, is being built. in Ireland. Right now.

Other rumours are suggesting that filming will be starting very soon as roads begin to close, and production crew begin to arrive. We have put together some of the chatter that surrounds the excitement. and we will also be telling you who we think will be great users to follow, in order to capture the upcoming excitement.

Rumours began that the fastest hunk of junk is gonna be parked in Donegal this weekend!

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