More information on the Ceann Sibéal shoot for Episode VIII.

The Irish Examiner break new news about the Irish shoot for Star Wars Episode VIII

Ever since the release of Star Wars Episode VII “The Force Awakens” Ireland has been placed atop the pedestal for Star Wars fans around the world to admire, the end scene with Rey and Luke brought a mystery and enchanting beauty to the world and opened the eyes of many to the mesmerising landscapes and the “So Much Green” of our beautiful Emerald Isle. The image of Skellig Michael is now, forever etched into Star Wars lore


Mystery surrounded the “will they or wont they” return to film Ireland, and earlier this year we reported that ‘they will’. Well during the last few weeks things appear to be moving at breakneck speed. As reported earlier by Blabba The Hutt, the area of Crookhaven in Co. Cork is also being set up for shooting to take place.

In yet more breaking news, over at the Irish Examiner Noel Baker reported that construction is well underway in Ceann Sibéal to recreate the iconic “Bee-Hive” huts seen on Skellig Michael in that iconic end scene. Ceann Sibéal is located in Co. Kerry and bares a striking resemblance to our beloved Skellig Michael. Head on over to a read of Noels article and see the exclusive photos with the Irish Examiner.

What do we know so far?

As also reported by the Irish Examiner, work had begun sometime last month to transform the area and establish a roadway just under 2km long. Filming is rumoured to take place at the end of the month and should last roughly 2 weeks. LucasFilm/Disney have been visibly taken aback by the majestic beauty of our landscape which has led to the possibility of further iconic Irish landscapes appearing on the very big screen in the not too distant future.

The granting of a film permit from the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht which included numerous terms and conditions such as “A helicopter only be used for three days and that it can film 100m from the cliff top for 45 minutes in any one day”.

One thing is for certain, The return of the Star Wars film crew to this little Island is sure to set the imagination of the endless amounts of Star Wars fans alight. Who knows what majestic shots and images will be projected onto the big screen and into our hearts?

Only time will tell, As always Blabba The Hutt will be right there with all your breaking Star Wars News.

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May The Force Be With You.

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