To us, she will always be royalty: Remembering Carrie Fisher.

I thought about starting this article a hundred times over the last week and a bit. Every time I went to start, I realised that I was not ready to put into words how Carrie Fisher has affected my life. How do you write and article when someone who you’ve grown up with was taken so swiftly from you? The last couple of weeks have been absolutely incredible, and as a community we celebrated the life of our Princess.




Every Star Wars fan was affected by this and Carries impact will never be captured in an article, regardless if it is written by me, or by any award winning journalist, her reach an impact is simply too great. That said we decided to take this personal, and let you know jus how Carrie Fisher has influenced the team members here at Blabba the Hutt.

Jamie Hickey

Carrie Fisher/Princess Leia, you cannot think of one without mentally referencing the other, known by the entire planet as the sex symbol for the nerd culture, for some reason I never saw Carrie in this light. Yes, I am aware that she is strikingly beautiful, and I understand why the gold bikini excites people(sometimes a little too much!), but from the outset, I respected Leia, her power, her regality, how amongst a nearly entire male cast, she is not afraid to throw elbows. Carrie, just like her onscreen persona, was never willing to fall into the background, whether she was speaking out about Mental Health, female equality, or just her regular hilarity, Carrie Fisher ensured she was a household name.

Throughout her life, Carrie learnt a lot of very hard, real lessons. Any normal person would cripple under the consequences of these decisions. But not Carrie, Carrie faced up to her demons, at a time when mental health was taboo, and also stood up to anyone who dared to challenge her. she has turned every one of her mishaps into a valuable life lesson, negative experience, turned into a positive learning, learnings, she chose to impart onto others. The ultimate show of selflessness from the Princess.

We will miss your honesty, your strength, your amazing personality, and yes, your beauty. This December, we will have our last goodbye. Sleep easy Princess. – Jamie

Kate Dubinko

Losing Carrie feels like losing a beloved aunt. I fell in love her as Princess Leia, but as I got to know the person behind the character I began to realise the depth, wit and sincerity behind this immensely talented individual. I was always impressed at how down-to-earth she was despite her “Hollywood Royalty” status. She was unpredictable but truthful and always told it like it was regarding mental health, addiction, ageing and just about anything else you could imagine. She defied standards and inspired millions while she did it. Our Princess will be missed dearly, but will live on through the amazing legacy she left behind. – Kate

Gary O’Toole

When I think of Carrie Fisher, I find it strange that the first thing springing to the surface is not an image of Princess Leia, nor the Gold Bikini or the Cinnamon Bun hairstyle, but her personality. People outside of The Star Wars fandom will obviously be aware of her striking beauty, but under that mesmerising exterior lay the foundations that would make her an icon both on and off the screen. Carrie will forever be remembered as someone who graced us with her presence, phenomenal wit and an uncanny ability to make anyone fall in love with her.

There are numerous words and descriptions to describe Carrie who, was a bundle of Charisma, blindingly honest and upfront in her own foul mouthed humorous way. There are very few individuals on this earth that can come close to a mastery of the English language quite like Carrie Fisher. Carrie Fisher unbeknownst to many acted as a script doctor, such was her ability as a wordsmith.

It was a period she herself described as a “Very lucrative part of my life”. Carrie always spoke her mind and that’s something I admired about her most. She never tried to be funny, she didn’t have to. Carrie has the unique persona of being able to make normal trials and tribulations of daily life funny, simply by speaking her mind. Though I don’t feel we ever truly realised how brilliant a mind she possessed.

Carrie was a warrior, someone who had been through hell and back yet lived to tell the tale. Emerging from her struggles surrounded by the love of her family and bathed in the warmth and adulation of her fandom. Carrie Fishers legacy will live on, in both our hearts and our minds. – Gary

We love you Carrie. Thank you for everything you have given to the galaxy ❤️.

Now sit back and watch 4 minutes of Carrie Fisher gold.

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