Skellig Michael is the set for the first glimpse of Episode VIII

Once again, Ireland finds itself right in the centre of the Star Wars Universe!

Disney made the announcement today that Star Wars Episode VIII is officially in production. This news comes to the delight of Star Wars fans, but even more so for Irish fans who get another glimpse of the Skelligs.

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This is the first piece of a large puzzle which will be revealed in December 2017, but it is incredible that Ireland, once again, finds itself front and centre. Will Episode VIII open where The Force Awakens left off? I don’t Think so, I think a small amount of time will have passed.

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The teaser itself didn’t give anything away about Episode VIII. Even though we see Rian Johnston, All the shots of Luke and Rey look like B-Roll from The Force Awakens. What we did see however, is a pensive looking Luke Skywalker! And he looks great!

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A small amount principle photography did take place with Rian Johnson on Skellig Michael late last year, and we have been advised that no more production will take place on the island. it seems however that Johnson and his team have opted to cheat the location of Ahch-to using several parts of Dingle in collaboration with Pinewood sets.

As always, We will continue to keep the finger on the Irish pulse, and we’ll give you more as we get it!


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  • Can we assume from this that we will see what happens straight after the scene at the end of Ep VII? This teaser seems a hint that we will pick up from that point, which I for one am looking forward too. Those expressions left so much unsaid…

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