Star Wars comes to Dubrovnik

Have a look at how Dubrovnik is shaping up for Episode Viii

The first piece of what Dubrovnik will offer the Star Wars Episode VIII has hit the internet! According to The Dubrovnik Times, this set is built on Dubrovniks main thoroughfare – Stardun street. A Dubrovnik times reader took a few snaps and sent them through for the rest of the world to speculate over. The video above shows the Dubrovnik set in construction.

How Stradun Street usually looks

The images below, taken by the reader, show how Star Wars plans to bring the ‘Old Town’ into the Galaxy Far, Far Away…



The street, which usually would be known for its connection with ‘Kings Landing’ in Westeros, is starting to look a lot more like a Star Wars loctation right now!

All we need now to really kick off the speculation is a few faces, then the fun begins! Some of our community seem to think that this set could be where we meet Benicio Del Toro’s character… The building receiving the make over is originally a souvenir shop…. Del Toro was a collector in Guardians of the Galaxy.. just a happy coincidence i believe!

To add fuel to Oliver’s fire… there have been rumours in circulation that the actor is present in Dubrovnik for a “vacation.”

More as we get it!

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