Star Wars Crew arrive in Donegal!

Co. Donegal opens its arms to Episode VIII production

In a exclusive scoop picked up by Donegal Daily, it appears that the Star Wars: Episode VIII crew have begun construction on Irelands most northernly point; Malin Head.

We reported a few weeks back that the production for Star Wars Episode VIII shoot was rumoured to be planning a shoot in Donegal. It seems that rumour is now confirmed with the arrival of trucks, cranes and temporary road.


Donegal County council also told the Donegal Daily that the roads around Mailin head will be closed between May 15th -17th. So I think confirms a 2 day shoot on Malin head. Of course, most, if not all of the local B&Bs as well as private holiday homes have been booked out for the entire month of May to accommodate production crew.

In true Irish fashion it seems that the locals have welcomed the crew with open arms and a cuppa tay. They hope that with the boom in tourism expected for Skellig Michael, they may see similar after the 2017 release.

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For anyone looking to get a sniff of the production, it seems that the crew have set up camp in a town right beside Malin Head called Bree. Security is said to be already quite tight, and expected to increase over the next few weeks as we draw closer to the production dates.

As always, more as we get it!

Photo Creadit: Donegal Daily
Source: Donegal Daily


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