Star Wars: Episode VIII (Location Details Emerge)

Unless you’ve been off on an adventure in a galaxy, far, far away, you’ve mostly likely heard the news that Star Wars: Episode VIII has begun filming in London at the legendary Pinewood studios.

Disney announced that

“Rey took her first steps into a larger world in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and will continue her epic journey with Finn, Poe, and Luke Skywalker in the next chapter of the continuing Star Wars saga, Star Wars: Episode VIII, which began principal photography at Pinewood Studios in London on February 15, 2016.”

But, what you may not have heard is that murmurings of some possible filming locations have begun to emerge. The Star Wars/Disney crew have done it again and it appears that they have set their sights on yet another UNESCO World Heritage site. For those of you unaware of what this entails, Skellig Michael “Ahch-To” to give it its true name is also a UNESCO World Heritage site which means that “A World Heritage Site is a place (such as a building, city, complex, desert, forest, island, lake, monument, or mountain) that is listed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as being of special cultural or physical significance”.

The UNESCO World Heritage site we speak of is the town of Dubrovnik as confirmed by the head of the Croatian audiovisual centre Hrvoje Hribar, filming is due to take place for a couple of days in March. Known as the “Pearl of The Adriatic” this old town features stunning lime-stone paved streets and ancient city walls. Fans of the “little known” show Game of Thrones would be very familiar with this stunning city as it is a location seen in any “Kings Landing Scenes”

The UNESCO old city of Dubrovnik – headed to a galaxy far far away!

So how does somewhere become a UNESCO Heritage site? For those of you interesting in finding out more see below.

To be selected for this, any of the above must meet at least one of the ten following criteria:

Cultural criteria

1.”represents a masterpiece of human creative genius and cultural significance”
2.”exhibits an important interchange of human values, over a span of time, or within a cultural area of the world, on developments in architecture or technology, monumental arts, town-planning, or landscape design”
3.”to bear a unique or at least exceptional testimony to a cultural tradition or to a civilization which is living or which has disappeared”
4.”is an outstanding example of a type of building, architectural, or technological ensemble or landscape which illustrates a significant stage in human history”
5. “is an outstanding example of a traditional human settlement, land-use, or sea-use which is representative of a culture, or human interaction with the environment especially when it has become vulnerable under the impact of irreversible change”
6.”is directly or tangibly associated with events or living traditions, with ideas, or with beliefs, with artistic and literary works of outstanding universal significance”

Natural criteria

7.”contains superlative natural phenomena or areas of exceptional natural beauty and aesthetic importance”
8.”is an outstanding example representing major stages of Earth’s history, including the record of life, significant on-going geological processes in the development of landforms, or significant geomorphic or physiographic features”
9.”is an outstanding example representing significant on-going ecological and biological processes in the evolution and development of terrestrial, fresh water, coastal and marine ecosystems, and communities of plants and animals”
10.”contains the most important and significant natural habitats for in-situ conservation of biological diversity, including those containing threatened species of outstanding universal value from the point of view of science or conservation”

So there we have it Motherhutters! Its been a crazy week and as the Episode VIII/Rogue One whispers begin to kick into overdrive, rest assured that the Illustrious crew of Blabba The Hutt will be right there at the forefront of all the breaking stories and fan theories.

Punch It Chewie!

Until next time.. May The Force Be With You.

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