Star Wars Episode VIII: Newcomer Kelly Marie Tran

The confirmation of Episode VIII beginning production brought with it the announcement of the surprise casting of a newcomer to the realm of Star Wars in the form of unknown actress Kelly Marie Tran.

So who is Kelly? Growing up Kelly was always fascinated with acting and the performance arts and after graduating from UCLA she honed her talents singing in the local theatre. As her career progressed, she spread her acting wings by training in some well known improve groups: Second City, Upright Citizens Brigade and IO West.

Though relatively unknown, she has been seen appearing in various commercials, digital shorts while also putting in some web-series appearances. Kelly has also had some guest spot appearances on comedy shows and most known to us would be her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Kelly is most famous for appearing in digital shorts. In 2011 she appeared in “The Rising Cosmetics”, “Untouchable” and “Impressions”. In 2013 she moved to television work and appeared in some episodes of “Ladies Like Us” in 2015. Kelly can next be seen in the Netflix Project XoXo.


Star Wars Episode VIII will be without doubt the biggest project Kelly has taken part in and if we look back on the roles and previous projects taken on, it may be reasonable to assume that her character will provide some light hearted moments and comedic value to a film that we know will be much darker than Episode VII.

When Daisy Ridley was first announced as Rey in Episode VII there were concerns about an unknown actress taking on a major role and such a major character, we all know what happened there don’t we?

Is it possible we could see a repeat of a star being born?

For more information on Kelly Marie Tran head over to her IMDB page

Here is Kelly in action with College Humour

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