Watch the offical Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer here!

After a morning of insane excitement on Twitter; it’s here! We finally have our first glimpse at the first Star Wars spin off, I mean Anthology film.. i mean ‘Star Wars Story’?

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has its first trailer.

it was announced last night on Instagram that the trailer would air on Good Morning America on April 7th, which – unlike the Monday night football release for ‘The Force Awakens – fits perfectly with our schedule here in Ireland – Lunchtime!

Here it is:

So what are our initial reactions? 

Jamie says:

Gareth Edwards promised us a gritty war story, and this trailer definitely has that feel. Nothing huge was revealed about the storyline, but hey its a Star Wars Trailer.. What do you expect? I welcome back the old school Stormtroopers, the world looks fresh and exciting, with the same raw and lived in feel we know from the OT. We get a look into Felicity Jones’ character, who has a lonely background, similar to that which we’re used to in our galactic heroes. Every Character looks to have their own individual motivation. Through the trailer there is an incredible sense danger and impending doom. Overall, I’m very impressed.

This film now officially feels like it is happening, and the best part? We’re mere months away from release!

Kate says:

Amazing. Just amazing! It’s actually less gritty and dark than I was expecting. I am relieved to find it has a very nostalgic feeling while at the same time a very fresh and new perspective of the galaxy far, far away. I’m expecting another incredible cinema experience this December!

Matt says:

Outstanding, looks like a real refreshing look at the Rebellion and the lengths to which individuals have to go in order to maintain their own philosophies! Who are this new Thrawn-like Admiral! Love seeing old storm troopers on the big screen again. Wow.

Rod Says:

love the action, the new characters, the side of star wars that we have not seen before. as much as I like the jedi element it is good to see non force weilders being heros too. That grand admiral looks good to, if not Thrawn, then pehaps Gilad Pellaeon???

Gary Says:

Breathtaking! Everything we were promised has been delivered. A host of action and new characters brings forth a new era for our beloved franchise, yet it doesn’t feel like it it was a Star Wars trailer, But guess what, it was! The identity of the “Admiral’ will be instrumental in setting the tone. What role do the Shadow Troopers have to play? But the biggest question of all is… Who or what is Rogue One?

More importantly, what did you think?

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