World famous ‘English Market’ in Co.Cork set for Episode VIII

Iconic Irish location confirmed for Star Wars: Episode Viii
[Update] Turns out this is a massive April Fools day rouse from the lads at the Movie Bit, and fair play to them, they got the entire nation believing them! Well played lads…  Well played…

To be fair, It would actually make a very interesting location for a Star Wars location! Cough cough Rian Johnson!


Original Story

We reported months ago that up to 7 Irish locations were being scouted for Star Wars Episode Viii directed by Rian Johnson. Last week it was confirmed that Crookhaven on Brow Head was being used as an Irish coastal location. We also reported that Donegal and Ceann Sibeal are also being used, but today it seems that one of Irelands most Iconic markets is being prepared.

Finally! A location that I have actually been to!

The English Market in Cork is a municipal food market in the centre of Cork, Ireland. In recent years it has become a hit with tourists including a visit by Queen Elizabeth II in 2011. Now it will be known even more as ‘That awesome market location in Star Wars Episode Viii’ – hopefully….


We believe that this setting looks like it might be the first Irish location which will not be used for Ahch-to. It is more likely that it will become a part of the world created in Dubrovnik. The Cork shoot is rumoured to be taking place in the last week in April, with 100 crew members moving into Cork. Sections of the market will be closed off for set design purposes, but when production starts, the entire market will be closed to the public.

Whats even cooler is that not only are the local traders getting compensated for the time their stalls will be closed, but some of them are actually being given roles as extra’s in the market!

Hat tip to TheMovieBit for picking this one up, Those guys are in Cork and will be a great source for action on this one as it happens!

All in all I am really really excited to see what a Rian Johnson depiction of a Star Wars English Market in the Rebel County looks like! Initial thoughts are drawn towards the Star Wars Land concept for ‘Dining at Disney’. Visually it is very very similar.


As with all Irish Star Wars news we hope to have it all in one place for you right here on Blabba the Hutt.

We’ve got our fingers on the pulse, so more as we get it!
Go raibh an Fórsa libh,

Source : The Movie Bit

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