In 2046.. Which Episode VII Props & Memorabilia Could Be Worth A Fortune?

At this point it’s pretty clear that we’ve entered a new era of Star Wars hysteria. Excitement over the Rogue One trailer has been palpable well over a month now, and no one would be surprised if this first Star Wars spinoff beats out superhero films and summer blockbusters as the highest grossing film of 2016. Once more, we’ll see packed cinemas and dressed up fans looking to be taken back to a galaxy far, far away.

And this is all in the aftermath of Star Wars: The Force Awakens turning out even better than we all anticipated. People largely believed JJ Abrams would do a fine job of continuing the Star Wars saga, and the more we learned in advance of the release, the more we liked what we saw. But even so, few thought the film would such a joyous combination of nostalgia and the construction of a new, forward-looking narrative. Even took a look at the film just after its release last December and even questioned whether it might be the best Star Wars film! The fact that this is even considered to be a reasonable topic of discussion speaks to the strength with which this new era of Star Wars has begun.

One interesting thing about this is looking ahead to imagine how we and even future generations will look back on The Force Awakens in another 30 or 40 years, the way we look back on A New Hope today. Specifically, there are characters, ships, and even objects that were introduced in A New Hope that became iconic pieces of science fiction lore over time. Indeed, an Irish lottery site, in the interest of suggesting some fun purchases for potential jackpot winners, took a look back at some valuable film memorabilia and found that even imitations of some famous Star Wars things are worth a fortune. For instance, an original Darth Vader action figure in its packaging can run about £1,770; an authentic Imperial Stormtrooper helmet can cost up to £60,000; and Luke’s original lightsaber prop sold at auction for £240,000! These are pretty rob
ust sums.

So, which artifacts, outfits, and such from The Force Awakens could be worth these kinds of sums in another few decades? By 2040 or so, that same lightsaber prop will probably be worth closer to £1M. But will anything form The Force Awakens be fetching lucrative auction prices or inspiring highly valued collectibles? That depends. It’s worth noting that merchandise from The Force Awakens is being produced at a faster and more constant clip than for A New Hope (or really any film back then), which means individual pieces will generally be less rare. However, that doesn’t mean the right object might not be worth a good amount of money in another 20 or 30 years. With that in mind, here are a few of the objects you might want to consider investing in, either in the form of toys or, if you’re more ambitious, authentic cinematic props if and when they’re ever sold.

BB-8 Droids


There were plenty of exciting new characters in The Force Awakens, but no “thing” made a bigger splash than BB-8. The lovable new droid had a lot to live up to, essentially replacing R2-D2 and C-3PO as a protagonist’s primary robotic companion. And it was stunningly effective, providing some of the most endearing and amusing moments in The Force Awakens. Plenty of electronics and appliance stores are selling little BB-8 droids already, and right now it probably seems like they’re everywhere. But if you have one of these little guys in mint condition 25 years from now, you might be able to make a nice profit on it.

Rey’s Staff


There’s some mystery surrounding Rey’s weapon of choice. Presumably she’ll soon be training with a lightsaber, but the theory has been put forth that her staff is already made of lightsabers, which means there could be more to it than we think. Or it could just be a big metal rod. Either way, it was a defining part of her visual character and will likely always be remembered as a symbol of the Star Wars revival. It may be worth your time to find a few staffs in toy form to stash away in their packaging – and years from now, we could well see the actual prop up for auction.

Phasma’s Suit


Captain Phasma had an awesome suit, and it seemed pretty clear that she was intended to be the substitute for Boba Fett. Unfortunately, she didn’t really do much in the film – but then, neither did Fett when you really think back on it. Even if Phasma has a limited role moving forward, her costume could become beloved in much the same way people still adore Boba Fett’s costuming all these years later. Again, if this ends up happening, the right costume or even action figure could be worth something one day.

Kylo’s Accessories


A lot of people thought the lightsaber with a crossguard was a silly idea, and Kylo’s costume was essentially a spin on Darth Vader’s (or Darth Revan, if you were a fan of the expanded universe). However, the lightsaber proved to be useful (and looked awesome), and it could well be that entire generations grow up on Kylo rather than Vader. That means that these accessories—the lightsaber and Kylo’s metallic mask—could ultimately become iconic symbols on their own.

This is just food for thought as we move further into a new era of Star Wars. You may want to grab what you can as far as props and toys go! In the meantime, let us know: what do you think will be the most valuable piece of Episode VII memorabilia in 2046? Let us know in the comments, or tweet us @BlabbaTheHutt.

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