April 6th – Poe Dameron Day!

Marvel deem April 6th to be Poe Dameron Day!

It would seem that Marvel are insanely excited about giving Poe Dameron his own comic series! So much so, We certainly are’t arguing it, Poe is a pretty awesome Character! We saw plenty of launch day parties for the launch of the new Marvel Star Wars series, but this takes it to a whole new level. a full day dedicated to the finest pilot in the Resistance

The series is being written by Charles Soule, and well loved Artist Phil Noto will be providing the artwork. The series looks to fill in the pre Force Awakens history of Poe Dameron, and we will meet a new villian being described by Soule as an ‘Evil Lando’.

Though there may not be quite as many variant covers for Poe’s story, we do know there are at least 9 planned, no doubt individual stores will have their own commissions too. we’ll try hunt down as many images of the covers as we can(4 are above). Marvel are also going to be working with comic book retailers to provide free goodies to fans who show up on April 6 to partake in Poe-based goodness, including pin badges featuring artwork of Poe and BB-8, lithographic prints of some of the variant covers, and more… whether this will reach Ireland, is another question.. we’ll try find out!

In closing… Rejoice! More Poe!

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