Blabba The Hutt LIVE at Star Wars Celebration Europe

We are so excited to reveal that Blabba The Hutt will be hosting our first live show in front of the best crowd in the world! Live on Friday July 15th at Celebration London.

July also marks Blabba The Hutts FIRST birthday! What a year it has been, I can think of no better way to celebration than with a party with the best fandom in the world.

First Birthday, First LIVE show, First Star Wars Celebration appearance, we have one more first to get excited about… This will be the first time that Jamie and Kate podcast from the same room so this is definitely not going be one you want to miss! A whole heap of MotherHutters have been on this journey with us from very early days, and we are excited to celebrate with you and we will work hard to give you all the best live show possible!

We have loads of plans in motion to make our first live show an interesting and fun show for everyone in the audience, and of course we will have loads of prizes and giveaway’s on the day! We would really really appreciate it if you  could share the good news via the social buttons below!

We are also very excited to say that we will be joined on the day, by our good friend Marc Savage from Following The Nerd. Marc has been a long time supporter of Blabba The Hutt and we are delighted to be sharing the table with him.

The line up of shows for the day is stellar to say the least. You’ll get to hang out with the guys from Full of Sith, Lattes with Leia, Fly Casual, Fan Girls Going Rogue, Star Wars Collectors Cast, Star Wars Report, Steele Wars Radio 1138 and and a whole lot more!

Blabba The Hutt will be live on the Podcasting stage on Friday July 15th at 1:30pm. We would love to see you all there first Blabba The Hutt’s first birthday bash! 

See all you crazy MotherHutters at Celebration London!

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