Crookhaven, Co. Cork being set up for Episode VIII shoot

We have yet another Irish location set to join that galaxy far far away….

This photo came in to us this morning:

Crookhaven in West Cork, they are in the process of setting up a scene which is scheduled to be shot over the next few weeks. Apparently 11 weeks production / set up for 3 days filming. Photo of blocked off road, that track in the background is not always there!


Crookhaven is on Mizen head, Ireland’s most southern point, and is yet another coastal town in the south of Ireland, 2 hours from Portmagee (port for Skellig Michael) and 3 Hours from Dingle(The first scouted shooting location for Episode VIII).

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.52.44

As with Dingle in Co.Kerry and Malin Head in Donegal, Crookhaven is coastal. So it looks like all the Irish locations will make up the world we know as ‘Ahco-To’.

It is interesting that the production team have chosen to shoot on both Ireland most Northern and Southern points. From Mizen to Malin.

More as we get it!


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