Episode 25 – Blabba the Hutt Live at Star Wars Celebration Europe

Welcome Motherhutters to Episode 25 of Blabba the Hutt! This episode was recorded live in the South hall of the Excel Centre in London, at Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016!

In this episode you will hear from Not only Blabba the Hutt hosts Jamie Hickey and Kate Dubinko, but we are joined by our buddy Marc from FollowingTheNerd.com. Then as special guests we were lucky to be joined by a host of amazing Irish people. First up is Mark Hamilton, one third of the band ASH, Mark and Ash are synonymous with the Star Wars world, on a personal level Mark is a avid fan and collector of all things star war, but on a professional level, Mark, along with Ash, have been lucky enough to contribute to the Star wars world, Their song ‘Clones’ was the title track for the game Star Wars: Republic Commando.

We are also joined by Vincent of Keefe from the Moorings guesthouse Portmagee, Where Luke Skywalker pulled his Pint of Guinness and John O’Sullivan from the Skellig Experience Centre in Kerry. Both have great experience of the production in Ireland and both are able to recount amazing stories, about the island itself,its rich and interesting history, but also how Star Wars has change the direction in which Ireland Markets this spectacular destination.

We had such a  great time at Celebration, and we were delighted to see so many faces in the audience for our panel at Celebration! We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who came along to the show, and especially to the Emerald Garrison who have always been so supportive of what we do here at Blabba the Hutt. Another massive thank you has to go to Mark Newbold and all the crew at Jedi News for putting together a solid line up of podcasts on the ONE FORCE stage throughout the weekend at Celebration Europe.

One last thing, our friend Degobabe Skywakler is petitioning for Disney and Lucas film to consider Ireland as a destination for Celebration Europe 2018. If you wanted to help make it happen, head over to her petition here: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bring-star-wars-celebration-europe-2018-to-ireland



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