#MandoMonday: Bo-Katan Kryze

The chosen character for this weeks #MandoMonday was relatively straight forward. Having had a couple of random conversations with those who love all things Mandalorian, one name seemed to pop up time and time again, so why not make her our topic of conversation?

Ladies and Gentlemen: Bo-Katan Kryze


A human female from the planet Mandalore who rose to the rank of Lieutenant for the notorious Kyr’tsad or Death Watch for those of you non Mando’a speakers! Katan was the sister of Satine Kryze who opposed her pacifist reign as the Duchess of Mandalore. Following her rise through the ranks, Pre Vizsla selected her as one of his lieutenants which aided her ascension to joining the ranks of the dreaded Shadow Collective led by the duel lightsaber wielding Dark Lord of The Sith, Maul.

Following the group having seized Mandalore as their own, Darth Maul killed Pre Vizsla and assumed the mantle of Death Watch leader. This act led Bo-Katan to split from their ranks and to form a splinter cell within the Death Watch known as the Night Owls.

The Night Owls were in regular conflict and provided stern opposition to Maul and his followers. Katan even went so far as to aid Jedi Master Obi-One Kenobi due to his unbreakable friendship with the late Satine who was of course killed by Darth Maul. So what was it that made Bo-Katan such a feared adversary?

Katan was fiercely loyal to Death Watch and Pre Viszla and possessed a insatiable drive to restore Mandalore to its past glories. She was a skilled warrior and well known for her deadly feats in combat. Though being second in command of Death Watch, Katan had no issue with asserting her dominance and acting in the role of an “enforcer” in the absence of Pre Vizsla. Bo-Katan was, like most Mandalorians, a woman of phenomenal confidence and determination to achieve her goal. She displayed very little remorse and gave little thought to any consequences of her actions.

Bo-Katan was fiercely loyal to Mandalore and wore a full set of Shock Trooper armour resembling the style of armour worn by Jango Fett. Katan’s armour was unique, especially her helmet as instead of a traditional “T” shaped visor commonly worn by Mandalorians, Bo-Katan wore a visor that closely resembled an Owl. This feature in tandem with her toward titled armour gave it a more streamlined and feminine look.

Bo-Katan’s armour though famine and standing out from traditional Mandalorian armour, contained all the deadly traits one would expect from such a highly skilled and deadly soldier. Wrist gauntlets featuring retractable blades and dart launchers, this in tandem with a Mandalorian jetpack and her dual pistols made her a warrior to be both feared and admired.

So there we have it folks! If you have a favourite Mandalorian and would like to see them featured in our next #MandoMonday, or just wanted to comment and share your thoughts then get in touch through the usual social media options.

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