#MandoMonday: Jaster Mereel “Fighter For Reform”

Happy #MandoMonday to the Blabba Community! This weeks article focuses on a character who is renowned and revered throughout those die hard Mando fans. To those of us outside of this secretive and highly regarded brother hood, his name is but a whisper, but to those in the know he holds a very special place on the pedestal of Mandalore and all who are drawn to it.

I would like to say a special thanks to our very own Matthew O’Brien, renowned host of Blabba The Hutts newest show Carkoon Collectibles for the suggestion as this was a character who I had not considering doing despite his legendary status. The character is of course: Jaster Mereel.¬†Though considered ‘Legends’, his character was once a very important part of Mandalore history, and is worth spotlighting.448468-jastermereel2

Born on Concord Dawn in the Outer Rim, A world known for agriculture in the Mandalorian sector. Mereel served as a journeyman protector and fought to keep law and order on his world until his sense of high morale value led to him killing a corrupt senator for which he was charged with murder and exiled from Concord Dawn. It was then that Mereel found refuge with the realms of the Mandalorian clans. Through his abilities in combat and his skills outside of it, his rise in prominence coencided with Mereel assuming the title of “Mand’alor” (Leader of all clans) leading to the fulfilment of the Mandalorian Warrior Code. Mereel also ascended to the role of ¬†Al’Ori’Ramikade “Leader of the Supercommandos”.

It was then that things began to take a turn for the worst. It has been said numerous times of Mereel that ” His greatest feat as Mand’alor would also become his greatest defeat. Finding that Mandalorians were becoming dissatisfied with the brutal and savage ways that had become so prevalent amongst the warriors of Mandalore. Jaster Mereel became a reformist with the goal of restoring honour to the Mandalorian clans and in doing so, he introduced new behavioural guidelines that he believed would restore order amongst the Mandalorian faithful.

This was known as the “Supercommando Codex” which was a more modernised revision of the Mandalorain “Canons of Honor”. The Codex simply stated that Mandalorians who wished to fight would become highly skilled/paid soldier and as such should conduct themselves as honourable mercenaries. Unfortunately there was much opposition to Mereels vision for reform.

The new Mandalorian faction, though peaceful opposed this vision of reform along with the more menacing Death Watch. Death watch were a splinter cell broken off from the followers of Mereels arch nemesis Tor Vizsla and this tension combined with opposition lead to the outbreak of civil war. During these years Mereel returned to his home planet where he would save the life of a young boy, the son of a simple farmer who in later years would go on to become a name written into Mandalorian history and achieve legendary status: Jango Fett

Jango Fett

Jaster will do whats right for Mandalorians-He always has”- Jango Fett

After the death of his family following an attack by the Death Watch, Mereel raised Jango Fett as his own son until the ill fated “Battle of Korda Six” when Mereel was betrayed by his second in command Montross after an ambush by the Death Watch, Mereel was killed in battle by Vizsla.

His body was retrieved by Fett and carried back to the Mandalorian landing zone where Montrose was exposed as a traiter and what would have been Jaster Mereels wish was achieved as Jango Fett succeeded his adoptive father and rose to become the new Mand’alor.

Well there we have it my friends, Jaster Mereel was a fierce and noble warrior who sought solace and brotherhood amounts the Mandalorians, eventually rising to the rank of Mand’alor and setting about a vision of reform in the hope of making Mandalore revered for their nobility and admired for their skills in combat.

If you have a favourite Mandalorian you would like to see discussed or if you just want to get in touch, you can do so through our usual social media options. For more information on all things Mandalore (And Jaster Mereel), I can not recommend these wonderful pieces of literature any higher:

Bounty Hunter Code, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter and finally Jango Fett: Open Seasons.

Until next time, May The Force Be With You.



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