#MandoMonday: Kal Skirata

For this #MandoMonday I thought we would focus on a character who I feel never gets enough mention or credit. This is a character who has been there, done that throughout the Star Wars Universe.

#MandoMonday is devoted to the life and times of: Kal Skirata

Born Falin Mattran on the planet Kuat, Mattran became known as “Kal’Buir” which means “Papa Kal” in Mando’a. This name was bestowed upon him by the clone commandos he trained as he earned their respect and loyalty. So how did this human born on Kuat become so vested in Mandalorian Culture?

When he was 6, the family moved to the planet Surcaris where his father was contracted as an engineer working on warships belonging to the KDY. Unfortunately war had broken out after the family arrived and with his parents both killed, this led to Falin being orphaned. From this early age he displayed an incredible will to survive and adapt to life alone, the young boy salvaged a three pronged knife from his fathers body and used his time alone to hone his skills with this blade. Palin became so deadly accurate that he could hit any point on a target he threw the knife at.

This will to live enabled the young warrior to survive alone for a year until he was discovered by a Mandalorian known as Munin Skirata, who found himself under attack from the boy with his knife. The Mandalorian was more amused than angry about this attack and decided to adopt the young boy into his Mandalorian clan and bestowing upon him the name Kal Skirata with Kal referring to “Blade” in Mando’a. It was then that Kal began training under the watchful eye of Munin Skirata.

In the early stages of his Career he worked as a mercenary until his ankle was severely injured with a blast from a Verpin Shatter Gun completely shattering his ankle, this was a direct result of being unable to follow a direct order. The injury was a constant source of grievance until his adopted Clone sons convinced Kal to undergo surgery.

Following on from this, the notorious Jango Fett was recruiting for the “Cuy’val Dar” meaning “Those who no longer exist” (in Mando’a) which recruited 100 of the best individuals (75 of which were Mandalorian) to the watery world of  Kamino to train clone troopers for the Galactic Republic. Upon the recommendation of fellow Mandalorian Walon Vau who had a long and heated relationship with Jango Fett. Kal was seen to be an aggressive Mandalorian traditionalist who was devoted to the welfare of his troops.

In recruiting for the “Cuy’val Dar” Jango Fett set out his intentions and criteria:

“You’re the best in your field—the best soldiers, tacticians, sappers, communicators, survival experts. I picked you personally because I want you to train the best commandos in the galaxy. You’ll have everything you need, whatever you want, except one thing—home. This is a top-secret project. You’ll not tell anyone where you’re going and you’ll not leave Kamino, ever. As far as your friends and family are concerned, you’re already dead.”


Over time Kal developed a deep loyalty and sense of protection for the clones he trained and it was his sense of duty that led to him taking the “Null Clones” under his wing and personally instilled the traditions and beliefs of the Mandalorians into them.

So what was it that made Kal Skirata so special and so endearing that his soldiers developed the fiercest sense of loyally and respect for him? Though a very complex individual, he was deeply disgusted by the treatment of “his boys” by the Kaminoans. The clones were encouraged to embrace their Mandalorian heritage and as a sign of respect and caring for “his boys”, he would regularly smuggle in treats and other restricted items for the clones. Kal Skirata was known for having a deep hatred for certain Jedi, in particular Quinlan Vos and Ki-Adi Mundi for their open distrust of the clones and polygamous marriage respectively.

One aspect of his personality that stood out was his emotionalism as he hated the Jedi order and The Republic for what he felt was betraying their principles of freedom and democracy. Kal displayed a deep sense of guilt for the condition of his clone and in particular those who would be utilised as slave soldiers. Skirata displayed his hatred for his adversaries and made his feelings known by the colour of his armour. Pal Skirata wore a “Sand Gold” Mandalorian armour which had a subtle yet deadly message, Sand Gold was the colour of revenge.

So there we have it, If you’d like to get in touch and share your thoughts we would love to hear from you. If you have any suggestions for the next #MandoMonday feel free to share.

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  • If they ever put this character in a movie, they MUST cast Ed Harris for the role… That pic above is the splitting image of him from his IMDB photo… Oh, and he is a very good actor also… hahaha…

    • Hi Svenn, Yes he does bare a remarkable resemblance doesn’t he? I believe this was by design as its been mentioned that Robert Hendrickson illustrated his likeness towards Ed Harris and you can see this in “Star Wars Insider”

      Here is a small known fact: This character was due to have an action figure or toy but Hasbro couldn’t match the aesthetic design of the character so in the end the head was replaced and that character became Mij Gilamar.

      Thanks for your comment.

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