#MandoMonday: Rook Kast

Here at Blabba The Hutt, we are always looking for new ideas and concepts to give to you; our readers. We welcome you to to the very first #MandoMonday where we will be covering some of our favourite, and some of the lesser known or forgotten Mandalorian characters.

Our first excerpt will focus on the feisty and brave warrior that is Rook Kast.

A female Mandalorian who ascended to the rank of Commander and became Leader of the Mandolorian Super Commandos while also becoming a member of the menacing Shadow Collective during the vicious Clone Wars. When the Mandalorian Prime Minister Almec sought to liberate the former Sith Lord Darth Maul from the Spire (Stygeon), he sent a small two man extraction squad containing the most deadly Mandalorian duo of Kast and Commander Gar Saxon. The pair managed to free Maul and escorted him to Zanbar to rendezvous with the Shadow Collective and their amassed forces.


A surprise attack on the Shadow Collective lead by the fiendish General Grevious forced Kast to utilise all weapons at her disposal, Gauntlet fighters were the perfect option to lay siege to the battlefield and allowing her and Maul to escape with the remaining Shadow Collective soldiers and make their way to Ord Mantell (Black Sun) base of operations.

It was then that Kast was present for a briefing from Maul focusing on strategic planning against Count Dooku and his Separatist legion of droids. During the confrontation, Kast accompanied Maul and formed the boarding party that was tasked with Commandeering Grevious ship and to capture him. Rook Kast was seen as a warrior of tremendous skill and echoed the the words of the great Mandalorian Bo-Katan Kryze “Mandalore will survive. We always survive”.

There has never been a better time to be a Star Wars fan and with the emergence of new kick ass female characters and hopefully more to come, we remember this kick ass female and praise the Mandalorian fighting spirit.

Where can I find Rook Kast? Best place to start is the – Still canon – Dark Horse series Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir

Stil want to know more about Rook Kast? Here Wookieepedia page tells all!

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