May the 4th Be With You (Always)


When you spend a good portion of your spare time talking, tweeting, writing, reading and podcasting about Star Wars, a day set aside to honor ‘The Wars’ might seem a bit inconsequential. I mean, isn’t every¬†day “Star Wars Day”?

Yes. For many of us it is. But still, a special day for us to connect with fellow fans and non-fans alike should not be underestimated.

As fans we know the impact Star Wars has had on us personally. But it’s also been an unstoppable force (pun intended) across the globe for almost 40 years! Inspiration on this scale definitely calls for a celebration of Zillo Beast proportions!

Like the Force itself, Star Wars surrounds us and binds us together. I am truly grateful to anyone and everyone who makes this possible — people who work hard to give us content, awesome friends who love Star Wars just as much or more than me and my friends and family who are casual fans but indulge me by letting me share Star Wars with them.

Star Wars is awesome. And we all have a part in making it that way. So, on this May the 4th take a moment to reflect on why you love Star Wars and the fact that thanks to the hard work and dedication of so many people the future of Star Wars has never been brighter.

So Happy Star Wars Day! Enjoy it. And remember, the 4th will be with you, always.

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Kate Dubinko aka BB-K8 aka "Queen of Droids" has been loyally serving the illustrious Blabba since September of 2015. She brings her unique perspective and contagious fan-girl spirit to every realm of the Blabbaverse.

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