#MotherhuttersUnite For The Star Wars Podcast Awards

There has been an awakening, Have you felt it?”-Supreme Leader Snoke

This line could have been referring to what has been a remarkable year for this Star Wars Podcast. What began as one man’s dream has now turned into something beyond anything we could have ever imagined. Blabba The Hutt was the brainchild of our illustrious leader Jamie Hickey (Blabba Himself) and under his stewardship and guidance this little Dublin based podcast has evolved into so much more.

So who are we? Meet Team Blabba!

Jamie Hickey-Blabba The Hutt


The man who started it all, through his leadership #TeamBlabba continues to enhance its reputation over the airwaves and through word of mouth. The social media guru who seamlessly controls and communicates with his subjects across multiple platforms. A wordsmith who crafts his interviews and questions in such a way that his guests feel as if they are conversing with someone they have known throughout their entire life. A conversation taking place in two different timezones comes across as two individuals sitting in the same room, face to face, intimate and relaxed.

Kate Dubinko-BB-K8

Slack for iOS Upload

Our resident “Queen of Droids” has been loyally serving the illustrious Blabba since September of 2015. As Jamie’s partner in the Force over the airwaves she brings her unique perspective and contagious fangirl spirit to every realm of the Blabbaverse.


Gary O’Toole- PloKool 


An analytical and creative mastermind who was recruited by the illustrious Blabba The Hutt due to his crafty writing style and love for all things DarkSide. A proud member of #TeamBlabba since late 2015 and the recognised #1 Motherhutter.

Matthew O’Brien


Raised a pack of Irish wolfhounds in the woods of Meath…That’s a lie. What isn’t a lie is that Matthew has been an avid Star Wars fan since the age of three, back when VHS and staring at your food cooking in a microwave was a thing. (Host of Carkoon Collectibles).

Roderick O’Conor


A massive Star Wars fan who loves the Legends and lore, the heroes and villains, the Force and the Jedi and all the stories in between! (Analytical Guru).

The Star Wars Pod Awards

This year really has been an incredible journey which culminated in Blabba being nominated for 5 (Yes 5!) Star Wars Podcast Awards in our first year. The nominations and categories we were up for were:


Best Editing and Production Value, Best Logo Cover Art, Fangirl and Fanboy host while also being nominated for Best New Show.

Making it to the semi-finals in our first year is truly incredible and in the end, Blabba The Hutt has made it to the finals of the “Best New Show Category”. To have been nominated for 5 awards in our first year was something we could never have imagined and to make it to the finals of just one of those categories is something we are so grateful for.

When asked about the Star Wars Podcast Awards and what they stand for, the organisation gave Blabba The Hutt this exclusive comment:

“Star Wars is a global phenomenon that has impacted the lives of people from all walks of life. What unites us is our passion for the galaxy far far away and many of us have used podcasting to share that passion. Whether you are a listener or creator, all of us together make up fandom and the Star Wars Podcast Awards was created to celebrate the dedicated podcasting community and spread awareness to the diverse fans who are behind it all.”

Celebrate podcasting, celebrate the Force.”

To have been honoured by such an organisation is a testament to the environment and work ethic that exists here at Blabba The Hutt. It’s not lost on us that these nominations would in no way be possible without the incredible set of people who support us and showed their appreciation for our work by voting for us. To anyone who has ever liked/shared or read an article, listened to our podcast and interacted with us throughout our various social media platforms we thank you. You are an essential part of the Blabbaverse and for that we are eternally grateful.

It would honour us if you would vote for Blabba The Hutt as the “Best New Show”. You can vote here!

Motherhutters Unite!

Until next time,

May The Force Be With You.

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Gary O'Toole is a life long Star Wars Fan. He is the Blabba The Hutt Facebook Community Manager, Content Creator and writer for Blabbathehutt.net. He is the recognised #1 MotherHutter! Famous Catchphrase: By Plo's Koon!

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