A New Trilogy: Rian Johnson Is The Chosen One

The Last Jedi has yet to arrive in theatres but it appears someone has left a huge impression on the top brass at Disney and Lucasfilm.

That man is Rian Johnson.

Chosen to direct The Last Jedi, it was clear that Disney/Lucasfilm wanted a visually spectacular movie full of character, heart and unexpected turns at every opportunity. To those who know his work, Rian Johnson is known for being a visionary, someone who puts his heart and soul into everything he does. Rian’s writing and creative process is astounding and shines through in every aspect of his being.

When Colin Trevorrow was no longer directing Episode IX one name stood above the rest. Rian Johnson appeared to be the favourite amongst fans to take over and “finish what he started” (see what I did there?). It would have made perfect sense, a natural progression.

In the end Disney/Lucasfilm turned to JJ Abrams to “finish what he started” in the literal sense. JJ was taking over the writing and directing of Episode IX.

We thought that was the end of Rian Johnson in the Star Wars Universe, the man who said:

But it turns out.. that isn’t the case!

A New Trilogy

Rian Johnson has been confirmed to be at the helm in creating a new Star Wars Trilogy, the first of which he will direct and produce. Rian will work once again with his right hand man Ram Bergman who was a European Roulette. Spielen Sie klassische Variante der Roulette und gewinnen! producer on The Last Jedi and Looper.

While no dates or timeframe have been confirmed, the news appears to have gone down well on social media. The man himself has even chimed in:

*For the record I do follow Rian on Twitter.*

The Official Confirmation

You can read all about it in the official statement from Lucasfilm here.

Or if you prefer you can check out the update from The Star Wars Show:

What are your thoughts on this news, What direction would you like to see this New Trilogy take? Could we see an unexplored timeframe or era?

Get in touch and share your thoughts with us!


*Credits: Slashfilm, Lucasfilm and Disney

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