Blabba The Hutt at Phoenix Comicon 2016

Con season 2016 officially started for me with the signature pop culture event of the southwest – Phoenix Comicon. Dedicated nerds braved the record high temps (117F, 47C) to take in all that Phoenix Comicon has to offer. Four days of awesome headlining guests, entertaining panels, astounding cosplay and a mind bogglingly huge showroom floor make this a truly impressive con that just gets better and bigger every year. In fact, this year had some record breaking attendance numbers! They had a unique attendance of 106,096 and a daily attendance total of 216,219!

I sadly was only able to make it for a total of about 2 and a half days but I definitely made the most of it!


I got there Friday evening after work and scouted out the place. After a brief walk on the show room floor I headed to a panel that introduced all of the Star Wars groups in Arizona and then a Star Wars panel about the Dysfunctional Skywalkers. This was a very funny and entertaining panel and I laughed out loud several times. But nothing made me laugh harder than someone’s suggestion that Anakin turned to the dark side “because he was Canadian.” That was about it for Friday.



Saturday was all about my “Maz Katenata” costume. I also got to play con Sherpa for my friend who had never been to Phoenix Comicon. I was delighted by the responses to my costume. People recognized who I was and wanted pictures! Although I never did find my boyfriend Chewbacca, I did find Barf from Spaceballs and a few other friends!


Other highlights included the Billie Piper panel and interviewing author Michael Kogge and Makeup artist Amber Brite. In the company of an overwhelmed Noob we decided to call it a day relatively early.

Back to my normal looking self, I dragged my tired body back to the last day of the con. First up was my interview with Jason Spisak, voice of Lux from the clone wars and more! You won’t want to miss that hilarious interview on the next episode of Blabba the Hutt! Then I went back to the sales floor where I picked up some swag, mostly bb8 related.


Next I headed up to the Hall of Heroes where they have various sw sets available for photo ops. The guy in the hammerhead suit really gave me a scare because I didn’t know there was a guy under there! This is also where I saw the amazing Satine costume!


Next I headed to the Alex Kingston panel (River Song from Doctor Who).

Next up was a scheduling conflict. Two Star Wars panels at the same time!! I headed to the one on Legends and was delighted to witness the annual Running of the Wilrow Hoods! Although, this year they were given directive that they couldn’t yell “ice cream” they could only whisper it. Halfway through the legends panel I headed to the sw video games panel. This was a lively timeline of all the sw video games thus far.


After that I went to the Robert Beltran panel. Although this was Star Trek and NOT Star Wars, I thoroughly enjoyed this panel and found him delightfully sarcastic and hilarious.

By this point even after only 2 and a half days I was spent. I went home and collapsed, weary but happy. And with enough time to recover for Star Wars celebration next month!

I may be a bit partial but I seriously LOVE Phoenix Comicon. It’s a true nerd-vana for geeky people like us and I am thrilled to be a part of it each year. Stay tuned to Blabba the Hutt for the podcast version of my weekend and keep an eye out for more of my con adventures including Star Wars Celebration Europe next month and then Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest in October!

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