Red Leader Standing By – For The Force Awakens.

Red Leader needs our help.

7 Years Ago, Dirk dressed his 1 year old, Thomas, up as Yoda, for his first Halloween. Now they have the opportunity to experience a new Star Wars film together. One problem, Dirk is terminally ill and is in hospice care. 

They had tickets booked for the pre premiere in Belgium, on December 16th, but has just found out, Dirk does not have that much time left.

Im calling on the entire international Star Wars Family. Dirk, our brother in the force needs our help.

Please help Dirk’s wife Leen to make the case to Disney, Bad Robot and Lucasfilm to allow Dirk and Thomas share their first, & last father/son Star Wars Experience.

Please sign this petition and lets try to make this happen. 


Dirk. May the force be with you.


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