Review: Stormtroopers (A Short Fan Film)

From the start, Stormtroopers have captivated our imagination. In a galaxy of unrest they are a faceless enemy that instills fear and terror into our hearts. They are iconic and mysterious and the possibilities are endless when it comes to the stories that could be told about them.

One such story being told is the new fan film Stormtroopers. This film, produced by Cork Racing, is a short story about an ATAT Stormtrooper Platoon shot down behind enemy lines. It stars Michael Fitzgerald as the Platoon leader who suspects one of his troopers of leaking information to the Rebels.

Stormtroopers Still#3

You should definitely check out this short film! It has impressive Stormtrooper costumes, breathtaking scenery and a fascinating story that begs for continuation. It’s planned that with feedback from the fans, Stormtroopers will evolve into a multi-episode format with further filming in Ireland & Australia.

Check out the video here:

And find out more about Cork Racing here:


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