Rogue One: Felicity Jones’ character name revealed!

With talk of Rogue One gathering pace in anticipation of its December 2016 release all talk has been centred around the characters portrayed by Felicity Jones and Mads Mikkelsen. These two characters appear central to our story and thanks to a great scoop by our buddies over at Making Star Wars, it appears that the two are in fact Father and daughter. Here’s how Mads character is described by MSW:

“Mads Mikkelsen (Galen appears to be his name in the film) is kind of the key to the film in a way. He is a scientist that took over the Geonosian Death Star project. He solved several of the flaws the Empire could not and is sort of a revered person in the Empire for his contributions. However, Mikkelsen’s character is a Robert Oppenheimer-type character. Oppenheimer helped design the atomic bomb only to say, “Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” The guilt “Galen” feels for his contributions to the Empire become too much and he defects, attempting to make things right. In order to do this, he enlists the help of his only daughter”.

His daughter potentially is the character portrayed by Felicity and we have a rumoured name “Jyn”, sound familiar? It should as this name has been seen throughout the Star Wars universe in one way or another, Qui Gon “Jinn”, Star Wars Droids also featured a character known as Jyn Obah.

Now as we know with Star Wars/Disney there will be plenty of smokescreens and false horizons in place so until more details emerge, we await the arrival of a teaser trailer which will be just another piece of the puzzle for us to ponder over until the release draws ever closer.

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