Star War: Adventures In Wild Space #WorldBookDay

Here at Blabba The Hutt we are always looking for the latest breaking news regards film news, comics and other types of literature. Well have we got news for you!

As many of you know, today is #WorldBookDay and its a time when we re-connect with some old favourites and indulge in some adventures. For yours truly this was very true as I celebrated World Book Day by picking up Battlefront: Twilight company along with some past favourites.


To my surprise and the nice lady at the counter said “Have you seen this?”, My interest was of course peaked and what she showed me was something that took me completely by surprise. It was a book that was available as part of World Book Day and the best part? Its a Star Wars Book!! For a mere €1.50 it seemed like a bargain. The new book is called Star Wars: Adventures In Wild Space “The Escape”.


The story is written by Canvan Scott and focuses on two children Milo & Lina who embark on a perilless journey across the unknown reaches of wild space to rescue their parents who have been abducted by the evil Empire. So here we have a new piece of literature, it couldn’t get any better could it? This is Star Wars after all so yes it can, we now know that there will be a new mini trilogy of which the second of which is titled “The Snare” and the third titled “The Nest”.

Being a massive bookworm, I believe that any introduction to Star Wars for the younger generation is a wonderful and I’m always excited to see new characters and writers emerge and find a place within the world we all love and admire. What do you think of the new series, get in touch and give us your thoughts.

May The Force Be With You.


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