Star Wars: Adventures In Wild Space (The Snare)

Hello everyone, I hope you had a lovely easter break. Following on from our original review (Spoiler Free) of the first book in this new series which you can read here, we now arrive at book number two simply titled “The Snare” which has been brought to us by Cavan Scott. Those of you with little Padawans or, those of you with little Sith Apprentices will enjoy these little reads.


We find our new little adventurers aboard The Whisper Bird which is in trouble and needing urgent repairs, Lina was having trouble getting the ship in the air let alone attempting to fly in a straight line. Lina was doing her best but her best may not be good enough according to her backseat driver and adventurous brother Milo. During all the commotion, CR-8R (Crater) was doing his best to play peace keeper despite his sarcasm and serious droid attitude.

The realisation that their parents were gone, captured by the Imperial Navy, led by a man known as Captain Korda. The Empire had always been a force for good that spread peace across the galaxy but Lina couldn’t believe h0w wrong she had been. Their parents maps had been stolen by Korda, their parents had been captured by Korda and he attempted to blow up The Whisper Bird with them in it! The stark realisation had his that they were alone, with only CR-8R and Morq, Milo’s pet Kowakaian Monkey-Lizard (Imagine Salacious Crumb). Their craft had taken considerable damage after Korda attempted to blow up the gave it was concealed in and only escaped the explosive charges by the skin of their teeth. The ship had barely held together in hyperspace.

They were on approach to Thune in the hope of finding their parents agent and longtime friend Dil Pexton who had sent them on the original mapping mission…

Will finding Dil give them the answers they seek? Or is there more than meets the eye for our little adventures? A tale of corruption, bravery and humour all rolled into one is sure to delight your little ones.. And  those of us who are big kids at heart!

If you have read “The Snare” or are in the process of reading it, get in touch and share your thoughts!

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May The Force Be With You.

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